parking (unattended) nearby COLMARAPPART 14 rue vauban

1 underground Parking 12 rue des Artisans (150 meters).

Rate: 14€/night

2 underground Parking 3 rue de l'ours                                (basement of the building with direct access by lift to your apartment floor)


    • Green Spot (normal car) 12€/night
    • Yellow Spot (wide car) 14€/night
    • Blue Spots (2 cars in a row) 17€/night

3 ground floor Parking A1 (350 meters)

Rate: 17€/night

4 underground Parking Montagne Verte (350 meters)

Only mini, eco, compact and city class vehicles can park there.

Rate: 10€/night

Parking SAINT JOSSE  (550 mètres)


Rate:   from sunday to thursday night 12 € / night

            friday and saturday night: 14 € / night

 Your Apartment


Due to the limited number of parking spaces, you can only book one place per apartment for the duration of your stay

in an apartment in COLMARAPPART. If you want more places, please contact us BEFORE BOOKING to obtain

our agreement at the following address: 

 To book a parking: CLICK-HERE