check-in formalities through ADOBE SIGN

Our agency is located at 4 Rue Basque, 68000 Colmar. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) until 6:00 PM. Depending on the number of scheduled arrivals, we may not be available in the office at certain times - particularly during holidays or Saturdays. In this instance, please contact us directly HERE.

We recommend completing these check-in formalities prior to arrival to save time, or if you are arriving outside of our regular opening hours. In the latter instance, we will send you the relevant entry codes to provide access to your apartment.



Alternatively, to access the ADOBE SIGN form CLICK HERE or on the secure link bellow:*

Please note, for your security your card number will be partly masked, as will the CVV code



Every guest over the age of 15 years who stays at one of our apartments and is not a French National must complete a police individual record.

Thanks to ask ALL the guests to fill this form, they can fill it at    Please complete the form below or CLICK HERE to fill this form.